Activities for Your Teenaged Daughter to Participate in Next Summer

If your teenaged daughter didn't seem to enjoy herself as much as normal this past summer and appeared to be at loose ends on many days, due to not having anything productive or interesting to do, provide your daughter with a new lease on summer vacations by suggesting some intriguing activities for her to participate in. As a result, your daughter will learn new skills and may be able to form lasting friendships with other people her age.

Enroll Your Child in a Co-Ed Summer Camp

Co-ed summer camps in New England cater to children of all ages and are geared toward teaching children valuable life skills. Sit down with your daughter and discuss the possibility of attending a camp and ask her if she would like to enroll in a camp that offers specialized training in a specific field. For example, if your daughter is interested in art, she may want to attend a camp that provides workshops that will teach her how to paint, sculpt, or use a camera.

If your daughter is musically inclined and plays an instrument in her school's band, suggest that she attend a camp that provides musical instructional sessions and that will help her expand her musical talent. While at camp, your daughter will meet others who share the same interests as her and who may enrich her time spent at a camp.

Suggest a New Sport & Visit a Recreational Center or Park

If your teenager typically spends a lot of time in front of the television over the summer and doesn't take the time to exercise or go outdoors on a routine basis, participating in a new sport can help your daughter feel revitalized and energetic. Suggest some team sports for your daughter to participate in.

If she seems skeptical or does not have any experience participating in sports, encourage her by telling her that it doesn't hurt to try and that you believe she will able to catch on quickly and may wind up being a great athlete if she tries her best. After choosing a sport, visit a recreational center or park that offers training sessions. Continue to support your daughter by attending practice sessions and matches against other teams. 

Encourage Your Daughter to Volunteer or Apply for a Part-Time Job

If your daughter seems to thrive and feel good about herself when she is completing tasks that tend to help others, suggest that she volunteer at a local food pantry, childcare facility, or retired citizens community. If your daughter is old enough to assist at one of these places, she may be provided with a list of basic tasks to complete that will be helpful to people who live in the community. If your teenager would like to earn some money next summer and is old enough to be employed, help her fill out job applications and transport her to interviews.

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