New England Mountain Hiking: 3 Advantages Of A Quick Setup Tent

Setting up a traditional tent can take several minutes and require multiple steps. While climbing through New England mountain areas, using traditional tents may not be the best option. The process of setting up these tents can cause major delays and issues as you try to reach specific areas and deal with all of the different elements. The process is made a lot easier with the purchase of quick setup tents. These tents have innovative features to set up in a less than a few minutes and provide you with the proper shelter. There are several advantages to using these tents, especially in New England mountain areas.

High Winds

Windy days can create all kinds of problems when trying to set up a traditional tent. The higher you climb up New England mountains, the more wind you will find yourself dealing with. A quick setup tent can make it easy to create you tenting area without dealing with the winds. Wind can easily blow tent sticks or other materials away. When using a quick setup tent, all of the pieces are typically connected in a single part. You can raise the tent up, find shelter, and get a little protection from the brutal winds that can be found in the mountains.

Sudden Weather Changes

New England is known for unpredictable weather. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail can suddenly appear without warning. If you are using a traditional tent, you may be caught in weather like this without any proper shelter until you are drenched. By using a quick setup tent, you can prepare your shelter without much warning. It will give you a quick location to set up a tent and ride out the weather without being exposed to it. The interior of the tent can stay dry and really help you extend your mountain hiking trip.

Canopy Uses

A number of quick setup tents will also feature small canopies on the front. This helps provide a shaded and dry area directly in front of the tent. The canopy can provide ideal locations for cooking small meals, hanging out clothes to dry or enjoying the outdoor views without being exposed to elements like rain or snow. Some of the canopies may also feature fabric sides that you can be protected from high winds. It offers a nice extension on the tent and is another element that sets up very quickly.

Carrying these tents on your New England hiking trip can make a huge difference. Purchase a tent that can easily fit all of the members in your hiking party.

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