Taking Your Older Child On Their First River Rafting Excursion

If you intend to visit an area along a river where white water rafting is one of the fun activities in the area, you may wonder if it is an activity you can share with your preteen or teenager. Bringing an older child on a river rafting excursion can be an excellent way to bond while enjoying the thrill of the water and its surroundings. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your child has a great time when going on their first river rafting trip.

Encourage The Right Clothing

The clothing you will want your child to wear for the day will depend on the weather in the area when you decide to raft. If you intend to visit in the summertime, wearing cotton clothing will help keep the body cool. In cooler months, wet cotton will make your child uncomfortable. It is better to wear polyester or fleece clothing instead. No matter what season, tell your child to bring along a set of extra clothing in case they need to change after the trip down the river has finished. Have your child wear sunscreen, as the sun can be intense even in cooler conditions.

Bring Along A Friend Or Two

One way to ensure your child has a blast is to allow them to bring along a friend or more than one friend to share in the fun. River rafting excursions can be taken with an experienced guide to show rafters the ropes in paddling and getting the raft out of predicaments while on the water. The children can then use this knowledge to work as a team in getting down the river while enjoying the excitement of the splash of water as they make their way through areas with rapids.

Take It Slow And Easy

It is most likely for the best to stick with an excursion that lasts for a few hours rather than for an entire day. This will allow your child to get used to the river and what is expected of them to successfully float downstream. They may find they are wiped out with tiredness even from a trip of only a few hours. When they become accustomed to the process, you can bring them out on longer excursions to enjoy. These usually have more areas of intense rapids. Skip these for a first trip to make sure your child enjoys the experience before taking on a longer outing. 

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